Beauty on a Budget

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Mila Kunis, Alicia Keyes, and other celebrities have all gotten on the no makeup bandwagon, preaching on skincare, serums, and sunscreen. All this being said, while Gwyneth Paltrow and Gabrielle Union may look absolutely stunning without makeup, SURPRISE–they obviously have more money than all of us average Jane Does! Let’s be honest, beautiful skin comes at a price. Just because a woman decides to make the commitment to no makeup or minimal makeup does NOT by any means mean they are taking the less expensive route. From chemical peels, injections, to laser skin resurfacing and more, the cost of perfect skin can be high. Don’t forget, perfect brows and lashes are still an expectation, so go ahead and add lash extensions and the new trending microblading to the budget! With all this being said: is the no makeup trend really achievable? You bet it is! I will reveal to you my top 5 must-have products for #nomakeup trend on a budget!

5. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream $32.00


Fast Response Eye Cream is an affordable luxury that will blur out under eye imperfections instantly. Key ingredients like caffeine and silicone are key for benefits including de-puffing and firming. In using only a few tiny pin head sized drops on your fingers morning and night, this tube will last months of application.  For a soothing experience, treat yourself by keeping your Fast Response in the refrigerator!

4. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 32 oz. $23.9981xqXQmEMyL._SY679_

It’s no secret olive oil has been used for centuries to remedy the skin, however the  oil, rich in oleic acid and vitamin E, will also add volume as well as nourish your eyelashes. Before bed, using a clean mascara wand or q-tip, apply the oil to your lashes. Leave it on overnight and then wash it off in the morning. Repeat!

3. NARS Tinted Moisturizer $45.00

2504413Nars tinted moisturizer offers a radiant finish, UV protection, and a brighter natural glow to the skin. The oil-free formula provides just enough coverage to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation while simultaneously nourishing the skin, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Apply by using a small amount with your fingertips. Thank me later!

2. e.l.f Lip Primer & Plumper $3.0011118_82101_a_900px_new66841.64.jpg.66841.64.jpg

This product is truly a steal! Apply the lip primer base to prepare the lips followed by the lip plumper.  The lip plumper uses cinnamon to enhance the lips with a slight tingle. Simple, sexy lips? Yes please.

1. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer $7.99


A must have when it comes to beauty on a budget! Affordable, lightweight magic! The Lumi Touch concealer will give a brighter and more radiant skin while still providing natural coverage.  Nope, you aren’t dreaming!