To Hire or Not to Hire: Professional Makeup Artist

It is 2018, the era of Kim & Kylie, brows are “on fleek” and makeup is “beat to the Gods”…

Everyone either:

A. Wants to be a makeup artist.

B. Thinks they are a makeup artist.

C. Is an actual professional makeup artist.


Surprisingly, there are no legal regulations or licenses required to be a professional makeup artist in the state of Texas. That means ANYONE can say they are a “professional.” But what separates the actual professionals from the “self-proclaimed” ones…

#1 Experience

Experience expands to know what products to use and in what intensity for each skin type, eye shape, and occasion. This is learned through time and practice as well as dedication to perfect one’s craft. If you look at a person’s portfolio or Instagram and primarily see selfies, you may want to consider another artist. Look beyond Instagram and into the artist’s actual client portfolio. Yes–Their own makeup may be stunning and flawless BUT you cannot assume they can do your makeup just because they have followers and a few selfies (PS: you can buy followers now a days–be on the lookout for phonies!)


Sanitation is something that is learned through working in a professional environment or by obtaining a license. By working in a store, counter, salon, etc, corporate trainers will teach the artists proper codes and guidelines to protect their customers. Quick Tip: If a makeup artist blows on a lash to dry the lash glue before applying a lash strip, they most likely do not know proper sanitation procedure. Also be on the lookout for cleaning eyeliners and lipliners before application, as well as using disposable lipgloss wands and mascara spoolies. You don’t want to get a pink eye or a cold sore because of lack of training!

Mr Krabs

#3 Quality

Have you ever heard the expression “Good & cheap won’t be fast, fast & good won’t be cheap, cheap & fast won’t be good”? This is 110% true! You get what you pay for in all areas of life, so why would you expect any difference when searching for an artist? A quality makeup artist should also have a well prepared kit that includes premium products and skin care for a long-lasting, worth while application–Don’t be afraid to ask the artist for their brand preference, references, reviews, or a link to their portfolio BEFORE booking.


#4 Professionalism

A true professional will set expectations about their services thoroughly upfront. Whether they require a deposit, contract for services, or a bridal trial, a professional will be clear and able to properly communicate the possibilities as well as limitations in a makeup application. This also means the artist will arrive on time, be prepared, and even be prepared for the unpredictable in certain cases, like perhaps a sunburn or zit on the day of an event.


#5 Peace of Mind

It is important to RESEARCH anyone you are interested in hiring. One of the greatest benefits to hiring a makeup artist is how it will help you be stress free. Hiring a professional makeup artist to travel to your home, hotel, or venue to beautify you; will allow you to not only save time on traveling but also will prevent the stress of traveling back and forth when you should be relaxing and enjoying the occasion! It truly will make a difference in your demeanor and overall attitude on a busy and hectic special occasion or photoshoot. Most importantly, it will be one less thing for you to worry about.

Princess Diaries

If you are in need of a professional makeup artist for your special event I would love to be a part of your occasion. Whether you choose to BOOK with me or not, I strongly advise you to book wisely so when you look back to your celebration you know with certainty how beautifully stunning you looked!
Written by: Jourdyn Moore (@jglowartistry)

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