3 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day


You just said “YES!” to one of the most important questions you’ll ever be asked in your life! Now that the beautiful engagement ring has been slid on your finger, the process of planning the wedding of your dreams can now begin. You have to get the wedding invitations sent, pick a destination, choose a date, find a dress, hire the right photographer, find suitable floral arrangements, catering, organize guests…the list goes on and on. The Knot’s report looked at 2017 numbers and Texas couples spend an average around $30,000 on weddings. Trying to skimp and save is an obvious reaction, however, hiring a professional makeup artist on your special day is a necessity and here’s 3 reasons why.

Stressed Bride.gif

Be Stress Free

One of the greatest benefits to hiring a makeup artist for your wedding is how it will help you be stress free. Hiring a professional makeup artist to travel to your home, hotel, or venue to beautify you allows you to not only save time on traveling but also prevents the stress of traveling back and forth when you should be relaxing and focusing on your big day! This will relieve some of the stresses and pressures of your wedding day and allow you to just enjoy being pampered. It truly will make a difference in your demeanor and overall attitude on this busy and hectic, yet wonderful day. Most importantly, it will be one less thing for you to worry about.


 Look Your Best on The Most Important Day of Your Life 

Your wedding is a memory that you and everyone involved will have for the rest of their lives and you want to look your best. The right bridal makeup artist will be an absolute expert in making sure you look polished and will create the perfect look to compliment your skin tone, dress, and features. The artist should strive to create cohesive and consistent looks everywhere possible, from the mother-of-the-bride to the bridesmaids. Whether you wear a lot of makeup or never wear a drop, a good makeup artist will be able to accentuate your best features and enhance your natural beauty without creating an overwhelming and undesired look.

Prince Harry

Your Wedding Photos Are Forever

When your wedding day is over, one of the most important keepsakes you are going to get to walk away with is your wedding photos. To ensure that you get the highest quality wedding photos, it is not only important to hire a good photographer, but that you hire a makeup artist that knows how to ensure that you are photo ready as well as knows the intricacies of working with professional photography. Often times everyday makeup will not translate well to professional photos– it is important to have a makeup artist that can find the right balance of just the right amount of makeup so that you can get the forever keepsake photos you’ve always dreamed!

Just remember, this is YOUR special day and it is about how happy and beautiful YOU look and feel! Hiring the right professional makeup artist doesn’t mean you won’t look like you, it means you’ll look like a more polished perfect you! 
If you are in need of a professional makeup artist for your special event I would love to be a part of your occasion. Whether you choose to BOOK with me or not, I strongly advise you to book wisely so when you look back to your celebration you know with certainty how beautifully stunning you looked!
Written by: Jourdyn Moore (@jglowartistry)

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